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Pallavi has been of great value to our association. She has created our visual identity, designed our merchandise and helped us set up the website design wise and technically. I appreciate her openness to learn and her service orientation. As a result, we decided to make her a member of the board.
Simon Hegener
Founder of the Swiss Cold Training Association
Pallavi has made excellent contributions to Communications at D-BAUG (or "to D-BAUG Communications"). She was always professional, punctual and organized. She consistently sought opportunities to improve processes and outcomes. Her calm demeanor and clear communication ensured tasks were completed efficiently and effectively. Her commitment to prioritizing the department's needs above personal opinions reflects her strong work ethic and sense of duty.
Iris Mickein
Media relations, DBAUG, ETH Zurich
Working with Pallavi was like a breeze as we collaborated on the design. Even though no one from the team is a design expert, Pallavi kept us in the loop and patiently explained her decisions. She listened to our feedback and showed great skill in improving our logo and brand. The end result is creative and flexible, giving us a strong identity with room for customization. It was a fantastic experience and I highly recommend working with her.
Marco Magno
Ex-President, Analytics Club, ETH Zurich

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