Hello, I am Pallavi Keshri, a Visual Artist and Communication Designer from India, currently based in Zurich, Switzerland. I am currently pursuing a Masters in Fine Arts at the Institute of Art Gender Nature, at FHNW in Basel. I have previously acquired an MA in Visual Communication at ZHdK in Zurich as well.

I provide Logo and Identity, Website, and other Graphic design services, such as posters and illustrations. With a multi-disciplinary approach towards my art and design practice, I prioritise projects and ideas, allowing tools and media to follow suit.

My projects display a varied range of skills and experience in Typography, Layouting, Photography, Website design, Wireframing, Prototyping, Animation, Printing, and Painting, with a deep thematic inclination for Social and Volunteer work. Within my artistic practice, I mainly engage in conceptual work with themes that relate to Gender, Mindfulness, and Spirituality.

Over time my “creative-ego” has learnt to bow and I have developed a sound interest and respect for teamwork and collaboration. In short, I will do what needs to be done so that we keep moving. Having said that, I look forward to work that is engaging, filled with opportunities to learn, and dutiful toward the work, its people, and possibly more.

Get in Touch

Thank you for exploring my portfolio! If you enjoyed my work and have ideas to share or a project in mind, write to me! Or if you have been thinking of trying winter swimming, I am the one you want to ask ;) So let’s go!