Appearance of Thoughts

Meditative Practice, Conceptual Art

Appearance of Thoughts is my ongoing observational-meditative-research practice which freezes the process of thinking into being viewed very distinctively, hence opening doors to the workings of the mind.

I draw slants and crosses, noting start and finish times on each page. It can run from 10 minutes to an hour. Typically, an A5 sheet allows me 10 mins of this practice. Slants represent moments of emptiness, while crosses signify the appearance of a thought. This method, informed by prior meditative practices, is not about halting thoughts but about decelerating them to understand the thought process.

Having done this for some time now, I have cultivated a heightened awareness of my daily thoughts. This newfound perspective enables me to detach from and observe my thoughts without judgment. As a result, I have refined my ability to discern which thoughts to embrace and which to release, granting me greater mastery over the occasional tumultuous currents of negativity. As I delve deeper into this practice, new questions unfurl, piquing my curiosity further. I am eager to uncover its potential long-term implications for mental health and the broader insights it might offer.

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